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Global Scriptum is a company specialized in professional translations
in various languages, offering high-quality translation services for businesses and individuals.

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As a translation company, Global Scriptum offers a range of language services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Leading organizations worldwide trust Global Scriptum for their communication needs, thanks to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Global Scriptum offers translation services in over 100 languages, delivered by experienced translators who understand cultural nuances.

Global Scriptum’s expert translators have the industry-specific expertise and skills needed for specialized projects.

What we offer? ⬄ 私たちが提供するもの? What we offer? ⬄ Lo que ofrecemos? What we offer? ⬄ 우리가 제공하는 것? What we offer? ⬄ Cosa offriamo? What we offer? ⬄ Was wir anbieten? What we offer? ⬄ Vad vi erbjuder? What we offer? ⬄ O que oferecemos?

As a specialized company in professional translations, Global Scriptum offers high-quality translation services for both businesses and individuals in a range of languages.

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When global companies need to reach new markets, they turn to us. Our expertise in professional translations spans over 100 languages, making us the top choice for a wide range of industries, including retail, travel, financial services, and life sciences. With a team of over 10,000 native-speaking linguists, we offer unparalleled translation services to our clients.

Life Sciences

By leveraging our advanced eClinical solutions, cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities, and…

Legal and Law

Ensuring seamless case-level continuity throughout the entire legal matter is crucial, which is why we…

Technical & Manufacturing

Our certified language experts offer tailored services for clients in diverse fields including…

Publishing & Media

The publishing and media translation services we provide at Global Scriptum encompass a variety of translation…

Translation Services

Translation is not just exchanging words, it’s a science and an art. Research shows that investing…

Information Technology

If you require trustworthy and economical translations for IT and software, search no more…

Video Game Localization

We use our talent and expertise to benefit our clients globally, expanding their enterprises and reach to…

Health Care & Pharma

Global Scriptum understands the life sciences industry and medical translation needs…

Energy & Power Supply

With expertise in over 100 languages, our team develops cost-effective, customized translation solutions…


In retail, effective content can make or break customer loyalty. With potential customers everywhere, brand…


Our translators collaborate closely with automotive companies, delivering tailored and extensive…


Global Scriptum delivers exceptional results at unbeatable prices, whether you need a one-time…


We take pride in offering a variety of translation services through our team of more than 8000 professional linguists who translate exclusively into their native languages.


Affordable and efficient transcription services that meet your deadlines without breaking your budget. Contact us today for more information on our services across various industries.


As a subtitling company, we use native-speaking pro-subtitle translators to ensure effective messaging. We also handle synchronization, formatting, and related technical tasks.

Multilingual voiceover production

We offers a diverse pool of exceptional voice artists with unique styles for all areas of creative production, including advertising, movies, games, apps, radio shows, and more.

DTP – Desktop

Our highly qualified DTP specialists use the latest software to handle projects of any size and complexity in any language. Contact us today to learn about our desktop publishing services.

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When global companies need to reach new markets, they turn to us. Our expertise in professional translations spans over 100 languages, making us the top choice for a wide range of industries, including retail, travel, financial services, and life sciences. With a team of over 10,000 native-speaking linguists, we offer unparalleled translation services to our clients.

Video Content Solutions for Entertainmen

Breaking Down Language Barriers: Global Scriptum’s Video Content Solution for Entertainment

As the world becomes more interconnected, it is increasingly important to reach global audiences with your video content. However, language barriers can be a major obstacle to achieving this goal. That’s where Global Scriptum’s Video Content Solution for Entertainment comes in.

Our team of expert translators and video professionals work together to provide you with a complete solution for translating and localizing your video content. We start by transcribing the audio and translating the script into the target language. Then, we work with our team of voiceover artists to provide a high-quality voiceover that captures the tone and style of the original content.

At Global Scriptum, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. So if you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality solution for translating and localizing your video content, look no further than Global Scriptum’s Video Content Solution for Entertainment.

Voice over services in multiple languages

Breaking Down Language Barriers: Global Scriptum’s Video Content Solution for Entertainment

One of the biggest challenges in doing so is overcoming language barriers. Audio content, in particular, can be a powerful tool for engaging audiences, but it’s essential to ensure that it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their native language.

That’s where Global Scriptum comes in. We offer audio editing and translation services in over 100 languages. Our team of audio professionals and translators transcribe and translate your content while preserving its tone and style.

We understand that effective communication is key to engaging your target audience, and that’s why we offer comprehensive audio editing services to enhance the quality of your audio content. From removing unwanted background noise to adjusting the volume and tone of the audio, we take every step necessary to ensure that your audio content is clear, engaging, and appealing to your target audience.

Voice over services in multiple languages

Breaking Down Language Barriers: Global Scriptum’s Video Content Solution for Entertainment

Global Scriptum is a company that offers a wide range of services to help businesses and individuals communicate effectively across different languages and cultures. One of their key services is photo and advertisement creative editing, which can help businesses to create impactful and compelling visuals that resonate with their target audiences.

Global Scriptum has a team of skilled designers who use various software and tools to edit photos, performing tasks like color correction, retouching, cropping, resizing, and adding special effects. Their aim is to create visually appealing photos that engage the intended audience and tell a story.

One of the key benefits of working with Global Scriptum for photo and advertisement creative editing is that the company can translate these visuals into over 100 different languages. This means that businesses can create visuals that are tailored to different regions, cultures, and languages, which can help them to connect with diverse audiences around the world.

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You did an excellent job as everything went smoothly. The equipment team provided great service, the interpreters were top-notch, and all the materials arrived on time. Thank you for your hard work and outstanding performance.


Project Manager

Working with Gobal Scriptum, the user-friendly platform has been a vital aspect of our experience. The service provides an excellent tool to track projects, conversations, and invoices with ease. Equally significant…

Roy Bennett

Sales Director

David Ivarsson expressed that our Nordic translation partner must meet several requirements, including delivering high-quality work within tight deadlines, offering competitive pricing, and providing a flexible…

Anthony Davis

CAO Bosch Nordic

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We facilitate our clients in expanding their market reach across the world by engaging with their target audience and ensuring exceptional customer experience in every language.

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Professional Translation Services: Your Trusted Translation Company for Comprehensive Solutions

In today’s globalized world, accurate and reliable translation services are crucial for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you need to translate documents, websites, or marketing materials, finding a reputable translation company is essential. At Global Scriptum, we specialize in providing top-notch translation solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our team of experienced linguists and language experts is committed to delivering high-quality translations in various language pairs. With our extensive network of native speakers, we can handle projects in languages spanning the globe. Our translation services cover a wide range of industries, including legal, medical, technical, marketing, and more.

Why choose Global Scriptum for your translation needs? Our commitment to excellence sets us apart. We understand the importance of accurate translations that capture the nuances and cultural context of the source language. Our skilled translators possess deep cultural knowledge, ensuring your message is conveyed seamlessly to the target audience.

As a leading translation company, we leverage advanced technology and industry best practices to streamline the translation process. Our project management system ensures efficient communication, timely delivery, and strict quality control. We pride ourselves on maintaining confidentiality and security, safeguarding your sensitive information throughout the translation process.

Whether you require document translation, localization, website translation, or simultaneous interpretation services, Global Scriptum has got you covered. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, providing personalized attention and customized solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Partnering with Global Scriptum means gaining access to a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about breaking down language barriers and helping you reach a global audience. Experience the difference of working with a trusted translation company that delivers accuracy, reliability, and exceptional service.

Efficient Global Localization Services and Translation Company

Are you in search of reliable and efficient global localization services and a top-notch translation company? Look no further! At our company, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional solutions to meet all your global communication needs.

As a leading global localization services provider, we understand the importance of accurately conveying your message to diverse audiences worldwide. Our team of skilled linguists and language experts possesses in-depth cultural knowledge and linguistic expertise to ensure seamless localization of your content.

With our comprehensive suite of localization services, we can handle a wide range of projects, from website localization and software localization to multimedia localization and document translation. Our experienced professionals meticulously adapt your content to suit the target market, ensuring cultural sensitivity and maintaining the intended meaning and tone.

As a trusted global translation company, we have a proven track record of delivering accurate and precise translations in multiple languages. Our skilled translators are native speakers of the target language, guaranteeing fluency, cultural nuance, and linguistic authenticity. We employ rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the translation process.

Partnering with us means gaining access to a global network of language professionals who are adept at handling complex translation projects in various industries. Whether you require legal translations, technical translations, or marketing translations, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

We also leverage cutting-edge translation technologies, including CAT tools and machine translation, to enhance efficiency and maintain consistency. However, we understand that translation is an art that requires human expertise, and that’s why we prioritize the human touch in all our projects. Our translators use technology as a tool to improve productivity while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Choose our global localization services and translation company to unlock the full potential of your global communication strategy. With our dedication to accuracy, cultural understanding, and customer satisfaction, we are the ideal partner to help you break down language barriers and reach a global audience effectively.